Epsom Salts - 2kg Lots - Magnesium Sulfate

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Epsom Salts

Do not eat.

Epsom salt uses

Use by itself or make your own scented bath crystals!!

The most common use of epsom salts is for a bath/foot soak for muscle aches and other pains such as arthritis ,but being so versatile Epsom salts have an array of household uses !!!

  • Soften your skin with a soak to help remove splinters!
  • Use as an add in to body scrubs
  • Add to dishwashing liquids for tile and grout scrubs
  • Use as a soak and dish scrub for burnt saucepans!
  • To help itchy skin and mossy bites! Dissolve 1 tablespoon in a cup of hot water, let cool and spray or dab on itch.
  • And sooo much more including use in gardens!