Sell your items and make $$

Make some extra $$$  Sell your items with us! 

We can help you sell your handmade arts and crafts!! 

We can display and sell your items through our secure platform for a flat rate commission fee of 10%. You pick your own selling price! 

No upfront fees

No listing fees

No risk

No contracts

No limits

Selling elsewhere? No worries - If you sell it somewhere else just inform us to remove your item/s! 

How does this work?

We display your images of your craft/item on our website along with all the details you would like to say about it. 

  • When a customer buys it, the customer will pay us. 

  • We will forward shipping details to you so you send the item to the customer. It must be shipped with a tracking number.

  • Email us the tracking number and once the tracking says 'delivered' we pay you! 

  • You will receive the selling price less 10% commission,  plus the shipping fee the customer paid - straight to your bank or paypal! .

Example - a customer buys something you had listed for $50 and paid $8 shipping. ($58)

You will recieve 

$50 less 10% ($5)  =$45

Shipping                 =$ 8

Total                        =$53

What products will we accept

Pretty much any completed handmade products,  provided it can be sent through Australia post!! ( Less than 5kg). Some examples include:

  • Crochet items
  • Knitted items
  • Sewing
  • Beading
  • Home Fragrancing
  • Light woodwork
  • Pottery
  • Weaving
  • Macrame
  • TyeDying

What we wont accept.

Products used on a body such as:


Bath,Body, Beauty

We will not accept commercial brands or factory made goods. This service is to provide assistance for the home crafter or  small hobby business only! 

If you would like to take up this opportunity or discuss this further you can email or message us through the home page.