Display your craft

How to get 10% off your next order

Read the terms and conditions below, and if you agree click the email below and send us your image :) 

Terms and Conditions 


Must be our products

Your image must be of a craft made from or partly of products purchased from us through either this website, Ebay or Etsy. 

Must be original purchaser

The craft in the image must have been made by the original purchaser and can only be submitted by the crafter. 

What we will do with your image/s

We will display it on our website under "Handmade by our Customers" category and link it to the product used. 

Once its uploaded we can't guarantee that visiters to the site will not copy it but we CAN GUARANTEE we will not give your information to anyone! Your work of art will be identified by Initials only unless you email us a preferred screen name. 

You can ask for it to be removed at any time and still keep your code!! 

Your 10% discount code is one use only and cannot be used with any other promotional codes. It is valid until it is used. You can give the code to someone else if you like but it can only be used once. You can earn more than one code simply by submitting another image of a different craft made from our products  :) 

If you are happy with the above submit the following to the email below with heading: 10% discount


  • Name ( what you purchased under and where)
  • High resolution image/s with anything you don't want displayed cropped out
  • Information and details about your article you would displayed
  • An identifier to display with your image. eg. Name or alias
  • If you sell your craft online, any links to this you would like to provide. Eg. Facebook

Your 10% off code will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Submit by emailing - handmade.elegance@bigpond.com